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Letters of Saint Therese Couderc

Brief Quotations (3)


This poor soul always has a hunger for its God, and until she is entirely united with Him she will yearn after Him, but this cannot be upon this poor earth, which for us must be a place of privation and expiation.

Letter to Mother de Larochenégly,
Montpellier, June 5, 1865


God has so many way of uniting himself to people that he does so when he pleases and as he pleases, so we do well to let him do it and to abandon ourselves to the divine action.

Letter to Mother de Larochenégly,
Montpellier, October 5, 1864


It seems to me that I can truly say, “My God and my all,” since indeed I find joy, relaxation, peace, and happiness only in him.

Letter to Mother de Larochenégly,
Montpellier, April 23, 1865 (though dated 1866)


Confidence in the Goodness
of God's Will

The Cross

Poverty of spirit

Goodness of God



Apostolic Spirit

Union with God

Miscellaneous Quotes in French


Genêts (broom)
blooming in the
countryside known to
Saint Therese Couderc

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