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A few days ago, I saw something that consoled me very much. It was during my thanksgiving, when I was making a few reflections on the goodness of God — and how would it be possible not to think of this in such moments: of this infinite goodness, uncreated goodness, source of all goodness! And without which there would be no goodness, neither in people nor in other creatures.

I was extremely touched by these reflections, when I saw written as in letters of gold this word Goodness, which I repeated for a long while with an indescribable sweetness. I saw it, I say, written on all creatures, animate and inanimate, rational or not — all bore this name of goodness. I saw it even on the chair which I was using for a kneeler. I understood then that all that these creatures have of good and all the services and help that we receive from each of them are a blessing that we owe to the goodness of our God, who has communicated to them something of his infinite goodness, so that we may meet it in everything and everywhere.

Saint Therese Couderc,
Letter of August 10, 1866

La Louvesc

The village of
La Louvesc,
in the Ardèche region
of France. 
The Cenacle
was founded here
in 1826.
A Vision of Goodness
  On YouTube:
"A Vision of Goodness,"
by Saint Therese Couderc
En français: "La Bonté"

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